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Who are we

The Digital Fellow Academy is an initiative by The Digital Fellow, a consulting firm that solves digital challenges for businesses.

Our purpose is to enable digital transformation of individuals & companies that seek to contribute to India’s GDP.

We use The Digital Fellow Academy as a platform to reach digital learners everywhere to help them make right digital decisions.

About The Digital Fellow, Our Parent Company
We have worked with over 100 brands in numerous sectors like finance, edtech, lifestyle, healthcare etc. We help clients when there are let down by their digital agencies and individual consultants. We have their faith because we don’t hold any secrets. All our methods and ideas are available to all through our content that we’ve been producing all these years. We believe that education and learning is the only way to know the right thing to do in the face of a business challenge. With this Academy, we make it possible for people everywhere to know the digital medium and apply that knowledge to their business and job.
Visit www.thedigitafellow.com to know more about us and our founder, Subhobroto Chakroborty.

Brand Purpose

The purpose of thedigitalfellow is to power the digital transformation of companies that seek to contribute to India’s GDP.


About Founder

Subhobroto Chakroborty has been a Brand Communication specialist for more than 27 years. He now helps businesses overcome challenges in their course of digital transformation. A seasoned digital marketer with cross-industry experience, he has successfully launched and managed more than 30 top national and international brands in industries like IT, Banking, Entertainment & Media, FMCG, FMCD, and fashion and lifestyle, to name a few. He has also trained over 150 CXOs and General Managers in the ever-evolving domain of Digital Marketing.

He has worked with a premium American online education institution for their global client training programme across four continents. He is also a Strategic Consultant for various start-ups and large organizations in India. True to his firm beliefin sharing his expertise and experience with others, he gives talks andconducts workshops in various academic and corporate gatherings, including the Top B-Schools like the IIMs.